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"Innovate and Educate, Creative Bulletin News" Episode 9: "Be a Sherlock to your Students´ Needs, to detect what´s Bubbling Underneath."

In the ninth episode, we will learn how we can support our students by recognizing our teaching authority.

To do so, Conchita Berreute will share with us not only her experience in the classroom, but will also emphasize the importance of becoming investigators and detectives of any difficulties we perceive in our students, whether at a learning, emotional or social level. Being able to eliminate prejudices in order to offer a much more authentic and personalized attention.

In addition, she will talk to us about the benefits of awareness, especially for us teachers, to be able to transmit it to our students and give it form through wonderful proposals such as art therapy.

Finally, Conchita will give us her own vision of our role as educators, inviting us to empower our professional criteria and from there live as protagonists who orchestrate genuine learning opportunities.

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