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"Innovate and Educative, Creative Bulletin News" Episode 10, "Pursuing a Coherent Integration of Technology can be the Best Ally in any Learning Strategy"

On this tenth episode, we will talk about active methodologies, but we will also reflect on how we can take advantage of the use of technology as an infallible opportunity in the design and development of any learning strategy.

Domingo Chica Pardo will share with us his experience and knowledge in everything related to the subject. He is an experienced teacher who teaches the subjects of English and language at the secondary stage of education.

He is convinced of the importance of the elaboration and design of any learning experience, considering all its stages: introduction, development, evaluation, feedback, etc.

Domingo believes that in order to design any learning strategy, we need to be coherent with the proposal so that it can also make sense to our students, get self-motivated and enhance their strengths to overcome their weaknesses.

Furthermore, he will invite us, teachers, to lose our fear in using Artificial Intelligence. For Domingo, AI is an effective resource that favors the possibility of designing more accurate activities, with an innovative and experiential perspective.

I am sure that after listening to him, you will be encouraged to take risks and try other resources in the classroom!

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