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Innovate and Educate, Creative Bulletin News, Episode 11: “Find the Tone and Rhythm between your Talents and your Teaching,, and your Students will resonate through this Vibrant Symphony!”

On this eleventh episode of Innovate and Educate, Creative Bullentin News, I was honored with the presence of Lorena Fernández Gónzalez.

Lorena will share with us her enthusiasm and passion for education, her teaching experience and especially for music. It is inevitable to be inspired by her honest way of communicating and expressing her experiences inside and outside the classroom.

Besides, Lorena opens a wide range of possibilities for all teachers to encourage us to adopt culture as an enriching resource that facilitates interaction with students, sowing in them a curiosity to discover something beyond the ordinary.

Finally, she invites all teachers who are qualified in English, to take the plunge and speak this wonderful language, as it can offer unexpected opportunities.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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