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Innovate and Educate, Creative Bulletin News. Episode 5: "Tagging Emotions + Body Scanning = Mindful Learners"

Actualizado: 5 may

On this 5th episode, we will enjoy learning from a committed educational agent.

Her name is Cynthia De la Torre Sánchez, and she will share with us how the teaching staff and the Educational Counseling Department from "Centro Educativo Zola Villafranca", have implemented a consolidated Emotional Intelligence Programme to enhance self-awareness in their students since the early ages.

Cynthia will emphasize about the importance of labeling the emotion plus doing a body scan as part of their students´daily routine.

That habit will benefit not only the students in their self-awareness, but will also allow teachers to adopt a more appreciative gaze on them.

She will give her opinion about the advantages of having an ongoing experiential teaching training in Emotional Intelligence.

Finally, I invite you to listen to her final suggestion. Trust me future teachers, her advice is worth remembering!!!

I hope tha yout enjoy it!

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